Salut Heros of Longboarding

This year we meet again on Izdebki?s curves to share the joy of speed, adrenaline and fun!

Oncoming edition theme will be Superhero (and supervillian too of course!) Rumble.

This edition requaiers attendance of every deck smashing Hulk, tricks flippin Wonder Woman, slides doin Punisher or air grabbin Superman! We invite you to take part in Izdebki Camp?s Superhero Rumble which will consist of 2 days full of freeriding (pack runs highly welcome!), slide jam, miniramp jam, live music acts, afterparty, and many maore acts of pure radness!

So don?t be a wuss and don?t miss Izdebki Camp 2017 Superhero Ruble!

Event date:14th – 16th / 06 / 2016

Participants limit: 200

Registration and more info on:

Recent news on FB Fanpage: IZDEBKI CAMP


Izdebki Camp 2016

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